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Kandoo Adventures: June 1st 2020

Tips for your Kandoo crew

Before booking any Kandoo trek please read the information about customary tipping below, and make sure you are comfortable with it. 

Kandoo is an IMEC Responsible Travel Company Partner. IMEC shares our dedication to providing decent wages and excellent treatment of all of the porters, guides and cooks who accompany trekkers to Machu Picchu or anywhere in the Andes. We pay substantially more than IMEC’s recommended minimum salaries, and our crew all feel that they are being treated well. Tips are not therefore a substitute for a living wage. 

Tipping is sometimes a controversial custom and practise changes a lot around the world.  In some parts of the world it is simply not done, and in others it is expected (at least if the service is good). In Peru tipping is the norm if your crew provides good service. It is customary to tip your guide $20 (US) per day, the cook $12 per day, and  $5 per day for each porter.

While tipping is customary, it is entirely at your discretion, and if you are unhappy with the services your crew have rendered, you should not tip them. Once again, though, you won’t get bad service with a Kandoo crew. 

Best way to share out tips to your crew

The best way to tip is personally, at the end of the trek. Tip each crew member directly, and thank them for their help. Our guides and porters all take great pride in their work, and they really do appreciate this personal touch.

Of course, you’ll each need to bring along some US currency. For small groups, the best strategy is to nominate the least bashful among you to handle the tipping process. Collect all the tip money together from each member of the group (or other arrangements as seem equitable to you all) then personally hand each crew member's share to them during the farewell ceremony we will organise on the last night of the trek.

The Farewell Ceremony

The farewell ceremony is quite informal. The lead guide will usually call the entire crew together so that the tips can be handed out in full view. This prevents misunderstandings, suspicion and jealousy, and is the traditional way of handling it. The trekker nominated into holding the money should make a short thank you speech on behalf of the group. Again, this can be very brief and informal.

Things are slightly different for larger treks. If there is a large team of porters, distributing the tips individually really isn’t practical. In this case, it is the norm for the entire tip ‘pot’ to be given to the head guide for them to distribute amongst the entire crew later.

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