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on your trek Hotels before and after your trek

Hotels before and after your Machu Picchu trek

Hotels in Cuzco

Two nights of hotel stay in Cuzco before your trek, and one after, are included in the price of all of Kandoo’s Machu Picchu treks. We include two nights before to let you acclimatise to Cuzco’s already considerable altitude before tackling Machu Picchu or the Inca Trail. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to explore the city and  do some hiking in surrounding areas.

Our standard hotels in Cuzco are the San Francisco Plaza Hotel and the Hotel Warari.

Hotels in Aguas Calientes

We do not use the last camp on the Inca Trail before Machu Picchu but instead take you to Aguas Calientes for a night in a hotel. We do this for a number of reasons. First, the last campsite is really seedy and is often very noisy with large groups of backpacker travellers drinking until very late. Second, the Park open the gate to the last section of the trail at 4am in the morning, a huge queue builds up and there is one almighty scrum to rush down to be first to the Sun Gate. Third, when you get to the Sun Gate like this it is very disappointing as there is nearly always mist very early and you can see nothing. Also, there is no real sunrise on Machu Picchu - the sun rises at about 5am and it is completely light by 6am BUT the sun does not get high enough to actually shine on Machu Picchu over the nearby mountain until about 7am by when there is no hallelujah moment as it is already light. All of the other trekking routes we use culminate in Aguas Calientes, so if you have trekked on the Salkantay, Lares or Vilcabamba trails, we spend the night here before visiting Machu Picchu.

The standard hotels we use in Aguas Calientes are the Hotel Presidente or the Inka Tower.

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