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Trekking in Bhutan

Nestled in a high pocket of land between Nepal, Tibet and Northeast India, Bhutan is an extraordinary country, home to a fascinating and unique culture, stupendous scenery and a truly charming people. Cut off until the 1970s from the rest of the world through geography and its own political desires things have barely changed at all over the last 500 years. Thus, Bhutan has been doubly protected from external influences, and as a result, the traditional way of life has survived largely intact, making it the perfect destination for a tailor made holiday.

Whether it's the 17th century dzongs that perch spectacularly atop high cliff-tops, thundering rivers, the colourful festivals of dance and story-telling, the clusters of prayer flags or the mighty mountains, they all contrive to transport you back through the centuries to a land of demons and spirits that still lie at the heart of Bhutanese culture.

Our partner, Kandoo offers an exclusive range of adventure and walking holidays in Bhutan. Blessed with incredible scenery from majestic mountains, blue pine forests to crystal clear lakes it offers an overwhelming visual experience. Unchanged for hundreds of years, the way of life in Bhutan remains a cultural treat. Measured by the local Government, GNH (Gross National Happiness) is a vibrant cultural statement evident in the people you meet that a huge pride exists backed by stunning architecture and a rich history.

The "Land of the Thunder Dragon" is one of the last remaining strongholds of Tantric Mahayana Buddhism and its rich cultural heritage is visible in the white-walled dzongs, the decor of peoples' homes and the ornately painted wall motifs. Bhutan holidays have something to offer all types of travellers. Festivals full of colour and culture take place in Paro (March) and Thimpu (October) providing a delightful and fascinating experience. Given the time, if you can plan around these events it will add another dimension to your trip.

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  druk path route

Druk Path Trek

The Druk Path trek is a six day trek, which leads from Paro to Thimphu, crossing stunning natural landscapes through blue pine forests, dwarf rhododendrons, high ridges and crystal clear lakes. There are many opportunities to view ancient lhakhangs, dzongs and quiet unspoilt villages.

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9 Days

  chomalhari route map

Chomolhari Trek

The Chomolhari trek is fantastic for trekkers looking for an off-the-beaten path, high altitude experience that isn't too long. And with Kandoo we make sure to build in enough time to soak in the cultural gems of the Tiger Monastery and the sites of Paro and the capital, Thimphu.

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10 Days

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Snowman Trek

The Snowman trek goes to the remote Lunana district and is considered to be the most difficult trek in Bhutan. The attributes making it a tough trek are; distance, high altitudes, weather conditions and remoteness and should only be considered if you have experience and a good level of fitness. The trek is subject to closure because of snow and is almost impossible during winter. The recommended season for this trek is March-May and September to November.

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25 Days

When to trek in Bhutan

March to May
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Spring is the second best season to trek after Autumn. You can expect some cloud cover and rain but in general the trekking conditions are good. Spring, expect dry good trekking conditions
June - August
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This is the rainy season in Bhutan. Temperatures are quite pleasant, albeit a little humid during the day in the subtropical regions. Expect lost of rain though. Rainy season, not great for trekking
September - November
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The Autumn season is recognised as the best time to trek in Bhutan. The weather is stable with warm temperatures during the day and colder temperatures at night. Autumn is dry and warm. Great trekking conditions
December - February
snow icon
Temperatures in higher Bhutan plummet in the winter months making this a difficult time to trek. There is lots of snow and higher passes frequently close. Outside of the alpine region though the weather is pleasant. Winter, very cold and lots of snow