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Food on your trek

High altitude treks are physically draining, and one of the most important ways to keep healthy and in peak condition is to eat and drink as much as you can. Kandoo provides micro-filtered water at meals and for your drinking bottles every day. We also carry plenty of extra water, so do not hesitate to ask for more at any point during the trek.

Please use the tabs to read about food options in each of the countries we operate.

Menu on a himalaya trek 26 09 2014 08 38 54As of 2011, we have stopped offering ‘full board’ treks, and lowered our prices to reflect this. The primary reason is the improved sophistication of the lodges, and the wider range of food options available to trekkers. Where once there was a choice of perhaps 5 different rice or lentil based meals at any one lodge, most now offer a wide menu of 40 or more choices from the basic (such as dahl baht) to the sophisticated (yak steak with blue cheese sauce).

More and more of our trekkers expressed a desire to order ‘a la carte’ rather than the provided meals, so that is now what we provide. You can see typical menus in the images on this page. Typical Annapurna menu

An added advantage to ordering off the menu is that almost any diet can be accommodated, including vegetarian, vegan, kosher/halal, and most medical restrictions. In addition to the main meals, lodges also serve a wide range of cold or hot drinks, and all manner of snacks to bring along the trail, even Pringles crisps!

So, you choose what you want to eat at the lodges, and settle your own bill in the morning. While you can eat heartily for very little money at any lodge, we do recommend that you budget £15 to £20 ($25 to $30) per day for meals and drinks. This will ensure that you not only have plenty of food, but that you enjoy it a lot more. Please note that we prefer some of the more expensive lodges, so the prices are higher than they might be at more spartan facilities. This is particularly true along the Mera Peak route, and you might expect to spend a bit more if you choose that trek.

One word of advice, place your meal order as soon as you can upon arriving at the lodge as it is strictly ‘first ordered, first served’, and the best lodges are quite busy at meal times.

If you are joining us for either the Island Peak or Mera Peak climb there will be a number of days when you will camp before your summit ascent. During these days all food will be provided by our own cook. Expect simple but substantial meals for this part of your adventure.

Please note that old or damaged US dollar notes are not accepted in Nepal.

On our Bhutan treks meals are provided during your stay at the pre and post trek hotels, and dishes will be prepared for you on your trek. All meals are provided on a fixed menu basis, with enough options for vegetarians.

Bhutanese cuisine generally consists of steamed rice (red and white) with a varied choice of spicy curries, both vegetarian and non vegetarian. Most hotels provide meals buffetstyle. There are usually continental, Indian, Chinese and Bhutanese dishes. The food in hotels is often the best in town, but restaurants in the main towns are increasingly becoming popular. 

All tourist hotels have a good selection of international and Bhutanese beverages.


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