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Kandoo Adventures: June 1st 2020

KPAP Kandoo Scorecard

KPAP scorecard

You have done a great job in meeting the standards especially with a busy season!

Some recommendations for your consideration to help your company excel in all components related to fair treatment:

  1. Consider assigning your porters to the climbs and posting the schedule twice a month giving them 3 weeks notice before a climb. This way your porters will know when they are scheduled for your company and will not climb with another company. This will also assist your not having problems when trying to contact them about a climb 1½ weeks before the start of the climb.
  2. Make sure that the final tip sheet submitted to the climber is accurate.
  3. Please check to make sure that the cook has his weighing scale before departing on a climb.
    1. If a porter experiences an injury or illness related to his work on the mountain, the company should cover all of the medical expenses related to this.
    2. You may want to consider having the climber’s bags with a tag indicating the tent number the

client is assigned to. This will help the delivery of the bag to the tent.

  1. Please remind your crew of your no gambling policy and to be quiet in camp if you have several climbs on the same route together.
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