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Aconcagua optionsOn Aconcagua we partner with the leading  local specialist climb operator. They run climbs for nearly all the major Western operators-nobody outside of Argentina runs their own climbs as the season is so short and the volumes so low that it is simply not economic.

We are able to offer two alternatives climb styles for this trip: you can join an open group or, if you are 2 persons or more, you can choose a private climb. On an open group, you will be with up to 9 other climbers . Our guide-to-client ratios on both open and private climbs are 1/3 - 2/7 - 3/11. We like to keep our open groups relatively small to give everyone a good chance of summiting. In our experience an optimum group number is 6 climbers. If we reach 9 climbers in a group we split the group.

Summit success rates vary and are highly dependent on weather. If conditions are favourable we generally achieve an 80% summit success rate with a slightly higher success rate on private climbs. 


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