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Best Time To Climb Aconcagua

The best time to climb Aconcagua is during the high season, from mid December to the end of January. This period generally offers the most stable weather on the mountain and lots of summit window opportunities. 

If your schedule doesn't allow for a high season climb, then we recommend looking at the shoulder weeks of the mid season from either early December or early February. 

At Kandoo we build three contingency days into our itinerary to allow for intermittent weather and the best summit window opportunity. 

The chart below summarises the weather conditions by climbing season.

Off season
snow icon
The mountain can be climbed during the off-season, however it is not recommended as climbing conditions are not favourable and support services limited From 1st April to 15 November
Low Season
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The low season covers a two week period in November (15th-30th) and from the 21st February to the end of March. Weather conditions during these periods are relatively stable, but you can expect colder conditions than the mid or high season. The mountain is considerably quieter. From Nov 15-30 and Feb 21 to Mar 31
Mid Season
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The mid season sits on the shoulder weeks either side of the high season. It is a good time to tackle Aconcagua as conditions are nearly as good as the high season, but the trails are still quiet, particularly in February. From December 1-14 and February 1-20
High Season
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The high season consistently provides the most stable weather on the mountain and hence 80% of climbers undertake their Aconcagua climb during this window. From December 15 to January 31


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