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trekking in the alps
trekking in the alps
trekking in the alps
trekking in the alps
trekking in the alps


Your guide has the full command of the group during the whole length of your trip. Having the knowledge of the land, he is the one and only able to make decisions and his word is final.

Our trips take place in alpine environments and in regions that can be hostile and also extremely fragile. On site, your guide will detail the security procedures that you will have to adhere . 

Hike Prepared

Hiking and trekking in the Alps is about as safe and worry-free as any outdoor adventure can be. Still, it comes with the risks inherent in any outdoor activity. Our guides are experienced outdoor leaders and have received advanced emergency wilderness medical training as Wilderness First Responders. As a result of this preparation and a concern for your safety, we have never had a serious accident or injury on one of our trips.

The safest hiker in the Alps is a prepared hiker. So as you prepare for your trip, review the following instructions. Additionally, hikers should carry with them the following contacts for emergency medical services and hospitals in the areas they hike.

In France there are different numbers for different types of Emergencies:

  • Need the Fire Brigade call 18
  • Need the police call 17.
  • Need an ambulance (SAMU) call 15.
  • Call all emergency service from mobile call 112.

In Switzerland

  • Call the Police (117) or 1414 which calls out a helicopter rescue (REGA). This should be used only if absolutely necessary.

In Italy 

  • 112 - Carabinieri (national police)
  • 113 - Local police (also ambulance and fire)
  • 115 - Fire department
  • 116 - Roadside assistance from A.C.I. (like AAA; expect to pay for any service)
  • 117 - Finance police (if you've been cheated)
  • 118 - Medical emergencies
  • 1515 - Forest fires

Emergency Evacuation Instructions

  • In the event of a serious accident or medical emergency, have someone remain with the participant.
  • If there is a mountain hut, inn, farm, or house nearby, seek assistance there.
  • The international distress call is a series of six signals (blasts on a whistle or horn, and after dark, flashes with a light) spaced evenly for a minute, followed by a one minute pause. Then repeat with an additional six signals. The reply is three signals followed by a minute's pause.





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